CD Scavenger Hunt (March update)

Late again! It’s the beginning of July and I’m just posting March’s update and I have April, May and June still to go! Keep an eye out because I’m going to catch up on the CD Scavenger Hunts before I post other things. March was a good month for shopping, lots of new releases and great sale prices so here’s what I bought…..

Newbury Comics

Epica – Requiem For The Indifferent (2012) – $10
Beggars & Thieves – We Are The Brokenhearted (2012) – $14
Fastway – Trick Or Treat (1987) – $7 used
Freedom Call – Land Of The Crimson Dawn (2CD Ltd Ed) (2012) – $12
Adrenaline Mob – Omerta – $13
Alice Cooper – Brutally Live DVD/CD (2003 reissue) – $6
Jack Blades – Rock ‘n’ Roll Ride (2012) – $14
Overkill – Electric Age (2012) – $12
3 Inches Of Blood – Long Live Heavy Metal (2012) – $10
Quiet Riot – Live At The US Festival 1983 (2012) – $10
Iron Maiden – En Vivo! DVD (2012) – $14
Iron Maiden – En Vivo! CD (2012) – $18
KISS – Instant Live (Mansfield, MA – 7/16/2004) – $15 used
Falconer – Sceptre Of Deception (2003) – $3 used
Vivian Campbell – Two Sides Of If… (2005) – $3 used
War & Peace – Light At The End Of The Tunnel (2001) – $3 used
Geezer – Plastic Planet (1995) – $3 used

I made a few trips to Newbury Comics in both North Attleboro, MA (my usual stop) and Warwick, RI in March to grab some new releases and scour the used bins for bargains. The Warwick location used to be my main stop for many years because they were the only location closest to me and they had great selection but the North Attleboro store is closest to my house now so that’s where I stop for new releases on Tuesdays. As you can tell by the list above, I picked up a ton of new releases including the new Iron Maiden CD & DVD, the new Epica, Freedom Call, Overkill, 3 Inches Of Blood, Jack Blades and more. I was able to preview a few of these thanks to the labels sending me a promotional download but I still like the physical product and I picked uome solid records at great prices.

What made the trips to Newbury Comics worth it were the used bargains…..nothing is better than cheap CDs! The Fastway – TRICK OR TREAT CD I thought I owned already but I actually didn’t, I still have a dubbed cassette from back in the day and I own the movie of course! That was a good purchase as was the Alice Cooper – BRUTALLY LIVE DVD/CD reissue for $6. There’s a cut mark on the UPC but that doesn’t bother me…..I passed on this twice (2000 & 2003) but I couldn’t pass up buying it for $6. The KISS Instant Live disc is one I used to own and sold on Ebay years ago when I needed the money. I was at this show back in 2004 and bought the CD there but I ended up trading for every show as the tour went on so I sold this original and a few others I grabbed for a lot of cash. Even though I had a CDR of this show, I wanted the Instant Live disc again and I found it technically as a used disc but it’s brand new to my eyes. The rest of the used CDs basically padded the collection with names I already own but were missing these records.

Best Buy

Rush – Fly By Night (1975) – $5
Rush – 2112 (1976) – $5
Rush – A Farewell To Kings (1977) – $5
Rush – Hemispheres (1978) – $5
Rush – Permanent Waves (1980) – $5

I went to my local Best Buy to look for a CD rack and to check out some Playstation 3 and Wii games and I took my quick walk through the ever-shrinking CD section and I noticed that the section was actually smaller compared to the last time I was there! No big surprise there but what was a surprise was the round plexiglass bins filled with $5 CDs! Most of the CDs are compilations but I did some digging and found almost the entire Rush catalog. I couldn’t remember which ones I owned already so I took a guess and bought just a few. All of these discs were brand new and sealed and all are a part of the Rush remaster series from 1997/1998. Can’t beat $5 a CD for a great band…..I’ll be filling the Ruch collection at Best Buy in the coming months.


Crazy Lixx – New Religion (2010) – $11
Autograph – That’s The Stuff (1985) (original blue cover) – $21 used
Laurence Archer – LA (1986) – $23 used

Just a few Ebay buys this month…..the Crazy Lixx disc replaces the promo download I received from the label and was nice & cheap for a brand new CD. I already own THAT’S THE STUFF with the red cover but I always wanted the blue cover, after years of searching I grabbed this one cheap at auction. I also already own LA by Laurence Archer on vinyl (Japanese pressing) but I never play it because it’s rare so I found a couple of copies being sold by a seller I’ve done business with over the years so I grabbed this just under a regular import price. The LA CD is the original European pressing on Music For Nations so it’s not the ultra-rare and highly sought after Japanese pressing but it’s cool to have it finally on CD and in mint condition.

Total = $247

Total (year) = $658

Average Price (per item) = $8.77

Total CDs (year) = 70

Total DVDs (year) = 4

Total Blu-Rays (year) = 1

Press Release: Stampede to release new album, A Sudden Impulse, on 5/9/2011 on Rock Candy Records

STAMPEDE set to release new studio album: A Sudden Impulse on 5/9/2011

Newly reformed NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal) heroes STAMPEDE have announced details of the release of their new album, A Sudden Impulse – the long awaited follow up to their classic 1983 debut studio album Hurricane Town.

Finding a happy and welcoming new home with Rock Candy Record’s spin-off front line label Grind That Axe Records, the band are finally excited to be able to reveal full track listing and artwork for the new album, which is due for release on April 18. Lead singer Reuben Archer comments “Personally I am really excited about the new album and our association with Rock Candy. It’s great to feel part of something that’s happening and more than anything we can’t wait to get out there and play live!”

One of the most respected hard rock acts during the early eighties, the band signed to Polydor Records and released two albums of impressive melodic rock to both critical and commercial acclaim, being compared to earthy British bands such as UFO and Humble Pie.

Following regenerated interest brought about by Rock Candy Records’ reissue of ‘Hurricane Town’ in 2006, song writing partnership Reuben and Laurence Archer decided to reform the band in 2009. Together with original bassist Colin Bond, new drummer Steve Graystone and the addition of a second guitarist in the form of Chris Clowsley, the band have crafted a worthy, if not superlative, long lost follow-up to their studio debut in the opinion of label manager Derek Oliver, who describes the new material as “lean, mean tough-guy hard rock with all the soulful delivery of classic British steel led by Reuben’s instantly identifiable vocal and Laurence’s blistering plank spanking burn outs.”

Reuben strongly believes that welcoming additional elements to Stampede have only served to strengthen the band, making the new material on A Sudden Impulse their most enjoyable studio experience yet. For example, twenty-year-old guitarist Rob Wolverson was invited to add his unique flair to the recordings as a result of Laurence being indisposed for a period because of personal commitments. Explains Reuben: “We could have had several existing name players fill in during this time, but I’d known Rob for years and watched him grow into a real guitar whizz-kid. He’s also a great writer and brought a lot of vibrancy to the project. I just knew he was right for the job.”

Commenting on the end result, Reuben adds: “We have a harder sound now, the melodic hooks are there and I think we have a lot more edge than the first time around – especially due to our new powerhouse drummer Stevie G, and also Chris, whose strong rhythm guitar, vocal and guitar harmonies contribute enormously to the new sound. It has all resulted in making the reincarnation of Stampede an even more exciting project for us.“

A Sudden Impulse is released on Rock Candy Records on May 9, 2011

Live dates scheduled for Spring 2011 TBA.

Full track listing of the album is as follows:

A Sudden Impulse (2011)

1) Send Me Down An Angel
2) Jessie
3) Having Fun
4) Make A Change
5) Hard Rock Hell
6) This Road
7) Homeward Bound
8) Shame On You
9) Natural Disaster
10) Humble Pie
11) Flaming Gold

Bonus Tracks:
12) Recharged
13) Flaming Gold (Acoustic)

Find out more about the newly reformed Stampede and get a sneak preview of track samples at:


STAMPEDE announce new single release  & video taster

Newly reformed British melodic rockers STAMPEDE are set to unveil their new single “Having Fun” on April 11th.

The track comes from the forthcoming studio album ‘A Sudden Impulse’, which consequently has a revised release date of May 9th 2011.

“Having Fun”, which will be available in digital format only, will be the band’s first single in twenty-eight years.  It follows previous singles “The Other Side” (1983) from the studio album Hurricane Town, and “Days of Wine And Roses” (1982), which were released by Polydor Records and received considerable airplay on BBC Radio, Capital Radio and across Europe and Japan.

Stampede are also pleased to announce the first of three promo videos to give fans a taster of their new material.  The videos feature guitarist Rob Wolverson, and were recorded during part of the schedule when Laurence Archer became unavailable due to personal commitments.

Watch the first video, “Shame On You” here…..

“Having Fun” will be available to download from iTunes and other digital outlets from April 11th.

A Sudden Impulse is released on May 9th on Grind That Axe / Rock Candy Records.

 For more information and to hear a preview of the single, visit:

CD Scavenger Hunt – catching up on Ebay

Ebay is one of the best places to find some good Metal albums but the marketplace has become more expensive in the last few years. There used to be a time when you could pick up albums on the cheap but the bargains aren’t as easy to come by as they used to be with tons of new sellers creating competition. I still watch Ebay closely because you can get a good deal if you are patient and know the market.

Laurence Archer - LA (1986)Laurence Archer – LA (1986, vinyl) – $40: A lot of people are going to think that $40 for a vinyl record is too much but when you consider that the original CD has gone has high as $300 at it’s peak, and the Italian bootleg CD draws between $40-$50 regularly, then this is a decent price for the original LP. I picked this record up from a reputable seller from Japan but the album hasn’t arrived yet, regular airmail can be a tricky propostition. The good news is I spent the extra $5 on the insurance so if it never comes, I get my $40 back.

stampede-hurricane-townStampede – Hurricane Town (1983/2006 reissue) – $15: In keeping with the Laurence Archer theme I also picked up Stampede’s 2nd album (their first was a live record) that is their studio debut, HURRICANE TOWN. I could have grabbed this on vinyl to get the original pressing but Rock Candy Records has done a great job of officially reissuing some great out of print records. This reissue has 4 bonus tracks from the pre-Stampede band Lautrec and a full color booklet with expanded liner noted and pictures.

ram_jam_-_portrait_of_the_artist_as_a_young_ramRam Jam – Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Ram (1978/2006 reissue) – $15: Another Rock Candy Records reissue of an album that I have been searching for. You might remember Ram Jam from their 1977 single ‘Black Betty’, a classic rock radio staple. PORTRAIT is the band’s second record and it’s usually harder to find on vinyl in good condition. This album has never been released on CD but a lot of bootlegs exist, Rock Candy worked with members of the band to reissue the album with extensive liner notes and pictures. Unfortunately there are no bonus tracks but it’s a heavy ’70s classic that’s easier to find.

deep-purple-machine-headDeep Purple – Machine Head (1972/1997 2 CD 25th Anniversary Edition)  – $10: I picked up the latest edition of Classic Rock Magazine and Deep Purple was the cover story so I decided to pull out all the Purple albums and load them into my MP3 player. I found that I was missing a couple of the older albums so I decided to start chronologically. This album came out in 1997 for MACHINE HEAD’s 25th anniversary (now it’s 37 years old!) and it’s a 2 CD set with a remixed version and a remastered version plus an extensive booklet. Deep Purple is one of those bands that gets the reissue treatment every few years but these anniversary editions seem to be the definitive reissues especially with Roger Glover and other Purple members involved in the process. The next anniversary edition on the list is

WANTED: Laurence Archer – LA (1986)


Laurence Archer - LA (1986)

Laurence Archer – LA (1986)

Laurence Archer is one helluva guitar player that played in the NWOBHM band Stampede, joined Grand Slamm (featuring Phil Lynott) and moved on to UFO in 1992 for HIGH STAKES AND DANGEROUS MEN. This album is Archer’s only solo record, a Japan exclusive. I have never heard a song from the album but I want it! Why? I’ve been tracking this album for the last 10 years and I have seen it go for over $1500 on Ebay, I want to hear the hype! I have featured this album many times in my Ebay Madness column and it always seems to fetch a high price in the hundreds.

I have wanted this CD for years and I almost had one in my grubby little hands! Just before my computer’s died two weeks ago, I received an email from a CD collector in the U.S. that had just discovered this website. This guy read the Ebay Madness features and emailed me to see if I would be interested in an original copy for a reasonable price. Money is tight but I had permission from the wife to buy it if it was reasonable, it would be my Xmas gift! Then the computer died and all my saved email was lost in the abyss! So close yet so far!

Ebay Madness – Living Colour, Laurence Archer, Uncle Slam, Hear ‘N Aid, Taken

Living Colour – Vivid (1988) sealed longbox sells for the crazy amount of $1025!

Seller – beatlesandmore
Starting Price = $16.95
Bids = 4

You have got to be kidding me! Over a grand for an album that you can find in any record store in the U.S. either new or used? If you’re in the market to buy this CD, then $5 used is plenty and no more than $10 brand new. The trend lately is to buy sealed longboxes and keep them sealed so they go up in price, on the same idea of action figures and toys. The problem is that millions of copies of VIVID were sold and there are thousands of used copies all over the place. With so many “mom & pop” record stores closing there doors, old inventory like CDs in longboxes are becoming more common…..the old record store in my hometown has 5 sealed longboxes of Lita Ford’s DANGEROUS CURVES for $15 each, maybe I should invest?

Laurence Archer – LA (1986) sells for another high price – $395!

Seller – hinomoto1
Starting Price = 99 cents
Bids = 44

This Laurence Archer CD is like a default Ebay Madness item, I think I’ve done more Ebay Madness columns with this CD than any other! It’s popular among collectors and very rare and now there is an Italian bootleg out there so buyer beware! I have bought from this seller in the past so I can attest to the quality of the auctions and CDs I’ve received. Hinomoto1 is one of the best sellers on Ebay for Japanese issue CDs.

Uncle Slam – Say Uncle (1988) Japanese import sells for $233.73!

Seller – heatwave704
Starting Price = $99.99
Bids = 14

Old school Thrash from ’88 released in Japan only. I’ve seen this disc go for big bucks before and it’s definitely a rarity. You gotta love that album cover, especially in today’s context! If anyone is interested, check Ebay for a current auction that starts at $200!

Hear ‘N Aid (1985) Japanese CD sells for $202.50!

Seller – ufo-msg
Starting Price = $29.99
Bids = 23

I have this exact disc and I bought it for $20 in ’96! This was issued on CD in Japan in 1994 and it hasn’t been released on CD in the U.S. at all to my knowledge. I had this on cassette when it first came out, I remember how cool I thought it was that the Metal guys were doing a USA For Africa thing. I give the seller credit for getting so much but I noticed that the winning bidder has zero feedback and is new to Ebay…..always a question mark in my eyes but the seller is legit, I’ve bought from ufo-msg in the past.

Taken – Smell the Groove (1992) independently released CD grabs $147.50!

Taken – Smell The Groove (1992) independently released CD ends at $130 with BUY IT NOW!

Seller – djsfresh19
Starting Price (auction) = 99 cents
Bids = 12
Buy It Now Price (2nd listing) = $130

Ebay seller djsfresh19 had two copies of this album to sell: the first at $147.50 ended 7/10/08 and the $130 BUY IT NOW listing ended on 7/14/08. Not a bad haul for 4 days of “work”! The funney thing about these two listings is that the seller misspelled “groove” and used “grove” instead! I’ve listed this CD before, it’s a rare early 90s album that usually goes between $150 – $200. There seems to be a few of them circulating lately because…..

Taken – Smell the Groove (1992) CD ends with BUY IT NOW at $125…..a bargain!

Seller – sawface32
Buy It Now Price = $125

This Philadelphia band’s independently released CD went like hotcakes in the 5 days! This listing ended on 7/11/08, right in between the two up above. Turns out this one was the best price by five bucks!