The search is over…..

As many of you already know, I had some extremely bad luck losing a brand new CD close to two weeks ago. The CD in question?

Night Sun - Mournin’ (1972)

Night Sun – Mournin’ (1972)

I won the CD for around $35 on Ebay on March 3rd. Around the same time, I went on a little shopping spree at the local record stores. Add a few more Ebay discs, some promos, and a house in need of some straightening…..I lost the Night Sun album.

My memory was very clear: I opened the envelope at my dining room table, looked at the disc, and put it on the top of the new pile. I also remember looking at it late at night after work at my desk in my Music room. After a few days, I hadn’t seen it. It vanished! I noticed Wednesday March 12th in the early morning.

In 24 hours, I turned my house upside down looking for it. I checked and cleaned every room methodically: every drawer, shelf, cushion, and crevice. I dug through a week’s worth of trash. I checked the cars, the garage…..hell, I even went through the basement! I took the dog out and used her keen sense of smell to check the front and back yards. My wife thinks I’m crazy to begin with so she took pity on me and went through the garbage again. She remembers my “special” CD coming in the mail so she knew I was disappointed. She didn’t find the disc either. My two daughters kept bringing me CDs from my collection in the hopes that the one they brought would be the missing one and that they would collect the $10 reward I posted on the fridge. Nothing…..

On Tuesday morning, I decided that the CD was in the trash and that it had travelled to its final resting place at the Johnston Landfill with that morning’s garbage pickup. I determined the experience as a valuable lesson, one I would never repeat. The only place I didn’t check was work. My last gasp of hope came Wednesday night when I stopped all production and took my 15 person crew and tore apart my backroom, my primary work area. It was the only place it could be! Sure, I got weird looks from my crew as I barked out specific search instructions but they all looked carefully. Nothing…..

So what is so important about this specific CD? Aside from the $35, nothing really. It was the point that it was purchased and lost by my own hand.

Is the CD that good? Not sure, I never got a chance to listen to it.

How did I hear about the album? I read about it in a book on ’70s Hard Rock & Heavy Metal a few years ago. Add a little research and it was just one of those albums I wanted to find and listen to.

Fast forward to Saturday and I’m trying to relax by listening to my new Heavy Load – Death Or Glory (1982) CD. My wife comes upstairs, sees the Heavy Load album and says, “Found it!”. Of course, I know where THAT album is because I’m listening to it but she tells me that it’s the CD she remembers being the “special” CD that came in the mail. I told her not to bust my chops, that I had made peace with the situation, and I would acquire the Night Sun album again someday.

Happy Easter! While the kids went on their Easter egg hunt around the house and in the yards, my wife handed me the stack of mail that I never opened Saturday afternoon. Among the bills and junk is a small package from Florida that’s obviously a CD. It had to be a promo from a band I’ve talked to so I open it…..


Of course, my wife is standing right there and she is speechless. I’m speechless. The dog is speechless. After going crazy for about a week looking for this CD, digging through trash and spring cleaning/organizing the entire house, it arrives in the mail.

I swear that I had it in my hands, that I had looked at the disc and the liner notes but I was mistaken. The disc I thought was Night Sun was probably Heavy Load and I was so preoccupied with Night Sun that I convinced myself I had it. Needless to say, I apologized to my wife a lot today…..

…..but I would do it all over again if I had to!