Press Release: Nader Sadek To Enter Studio In Early May To Record Debut Album


The innovative and controversial artist is set to produce a collaborative album, which will feature world-renowned extreme metal artists Steve Tucker, Flo Mounier, and Rune Eriksen.

New York, NY – Egyptian-born artist Nader Sadek will soon enter the studio to begin working on his next project: a full-length LP. The upcoming album will feature compositions and performances by some of extreme music’s most innovative players. The group will consist of Steve Tucker (formerly of Morbid Angel) on vocals, Flo Mounier (Cryptopsy) on drums, and Rune Eriksen (Aura Noir, Ava Inferi and formerly of Mayhem) on guitars. Guest musicians will be announced soon. Sadek himself will play on and develop all album artwork and concepts. The project represents a continuation of the work showcased on his art installation “Ageless,” which took place last November at New York’s Santos Party House and consisted of a live Death Metal performance enshrined in Sadek’s nightmarish stage landscape. Some of the songs performed during the installation, will be featured in the upcoming release. The album will be produced by Sadek, recorded and mixed by Steve Tucker, and mastered by Colin Marston (Krallice, Gorguts, Jarboe). The recording will take place in Brooklyn, New York and will be released in the fall on Greyhaze Records.

Through his association with Attila Csihar (SUNN O))), Mayhem), Sadek gained considerable exposure as the artist responsible for the stage imagery on Mayhem’s 2009 US tour. The stage sets featured silicone-based sculptures, which resembled entrails and impaled heads, with the centerpiece being a fully detailed flesh-like rendering of the Mayhem logo. Sadek’s work has also included the costumes and silicone “earth masks” worn by Csihar on all his bands. Sadek’s use of petroleum-based raw materials is not coincidental. His work revolves around the notion that all petroleum energy originates from death and, in a morbid vicious cycle, also ends in death, where human lives are expendable and sold for the support of an unending addiction to money and power. Before his work with Mayhem, Sadek had implemented two very successful interconnecting art projects: “B’Doun Wag’h,” a live performance event; and “Faceless,” a drawing exhibit featuring recorded music.

Says Sadek: “My general association with Death Metal, deals with the notion of false perceptions, and how great individuality can be smothered by the weight of an overwhelming environment. This idea is ever-present throughout all my work. Each of the players in this album played key roles in their respective bands, facing difficult challenges, and yet taking their bands to higher levels. Their talent as well as their tenacity has always intrigued me. As such, they fit perfectly in this project.”

Steve Tucker is known for his long run fronting the seminal Florida Death Metal Band Morbid Angel. He has collaborated with Sadek on many of his previous projects. Flo Mounier is the driving force behind Canadian Death Metal outfit Cryptopsy.  He is considered one of the best drummers the genre has ever produced. Rune Eriksen is currently working with Ava Inferi, which is based in Lisbon, Portugal.  He is also well known for his distinctive guitar work in Mayhem, notably on their last album, the award-winning “Ordo Ad Chao.” 

Says Tucker: “I’ve been looking forward to doing this recording for months. Nader does some very interesting art and I enjoy helping him achieve his twisted vision. It’s rare to get to play alongside a drummer with the abilities that Flo possesses. It’s a bonus that I get the opportunity to jam with professionals such as Rune and Flo. It’ll be brutal.”

Says Mounier: “It’s amazing that artists with different backgrounds can come together to create something so extreme and so dark but yet have so much fun doing so! It has been a pleasure working with Nader and Steve in the past and I’m looking forward to experimenting with Rune’s unique style, I can’t wait to start laying down the extreme with my boys.”

Says Eriksen: “When first being approached by Nader to collaborate with him, Steve and Flo, I was immediately caught up by the idea of it. Not only is Nader’s concept and reasons for doing this of an inspirational character in itself, but also the very thought of collaborating with musicians such as Steve and Flo seemed like an opportunity not to miss.”

Greyhaze Records is an extreme music label based in St. Petersburg, Florida. Its objective is to foster, develop, and disseminate extreme music and art worldwide through audio and video releases as well as live settings.


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