CD Scavenger Hunt – May update

In keeping with the tradition of not posting the Hunts at the end of the proper months, here is another big update, this time for this past May…..

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Fozzy – Happenstance (2002) – $4 used
High Noon – No Turning Back (2009) – $6 used
Lance King – A Moment In Chiros (2011) – $6 used
Heaven’s Edge – s/t (1990) – $12 used
Rush – Moving Pictures (1980) – $2.50
Rush – Signals (1982) – $2.50
Deep Purple – Now What?! (2013, Deluxe Edition) – $16
Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats – Mind Control (2013) – $12
Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats – Blood Lust (2012) – $15
Queensryche – Frequency Unknown (2013) – $10
Stratovarius – Nemesis (2013) – $10
Avantasia – The Mystery Of Time (2013) – $10
Amaranthe – The Nexus (2013) – $10
Free Fall – Power & Volume (2013) – $10
Ugly Kid Joe – Stairway To Hell E.P. (2012) – $6

Poison – Sexyback (promo CD single) (2007) – $7 used
Arch Enemy – Black Earth (1996) – $7 used
Arch Enemy – Burning Bridges (1999) – $7 used
Arch Enemy – Wages Of Sin (2001) – $7 used
Arch Enemy – Dead Eyes See No Future E.P. (2004) – $7 used
Shok Paris – Go For The Throat (1984) – $7 used
Shok Paris – Steel & Starlight (1987) – $11 used
Shok Paris – Concrete Killers (1989) – $11 used
Trixter – New Audio Machine (2012) – $12
Waysted – Save Your Prayers (1986/2013 reissue) – $10
Jorn – Symphonic (2013) – $11
Torch – Electrikiss (1985) – $14 used
Airbourne – Black Dog Barking (Special Edition) (2013) – $22.50
Armored Saint – March Of The Saint (1984) – $9.25 used
Armored Saint – Delirious Nomad (1985) – $9.25 used

May was a really good month but I kind of stayed away from the record stores and did more online. I’m torn right now because technology is providing me a means to compare prices on Amazon and Ebay while I’m in the record store and I’m making decisions based on price. I’ve always been a record store rat and I always will be but, I buy and devour so much music yearly, that I need to save as much money as possible. I support local record stores but it’s hard to when Amazon offers the same CD cheaper than the record store sale prices and no sales tax. No shipping for me because I’m an Amazon Prime member and the membership has already paid for itself. Let’s move on to the treasures I found…..

My first outing of the month was a quiet one. I hadn’t planned to go to Newbury Comics but I was driving through Warwick, RI and decided to stop in. I picked up the Fozzy, High Noon, Lance King and Heaven’s Edge CDs all in the used bin for some really great prices. The Lance King CD replaces the promo digital download that Lance’s label, Nightmare Records, sent me to review but the gem was the original pressing of the self-titled Heaven’s Edge album. It’s a highly bootlegged CD and there have been some shoddy reissues so I was cool spending $12 for a used CD. I checked Ebay while I was in the store and original pressings were listed for $25+ so I feel like I got a bargain. After the record shop, I went across the street to Best Buy so I could burn a $5 off coupon that was expiring the next day. Best Buy doesn’t have much of a selection and they aren’t big on organization so it can be a crap shoot finding a gem. I knew what I wanted…..Rush! I’ve been filling the holes in my Rush CD collection with Best Buy purchases because they are all $5 each so I grabbed Moving Pictures (1980) and Signals (1982). Take that $5 coupon off the $10 total and I got both for $2.50! My last trip out before I went online shopping was to my usual Newbury Comics location in North Attleboro, MA to grab the new Deep Purple album special edition. I wanted the CD/DVD edition so I paid a little extra than the regular CD. While I was there the store was playing the new Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats record, Mind Control, so I added that in on sale and caved in to buy their 2012 release Blood Lust also.

Now we get to the dilemma… vs. record stores. I had been watching a few new releases at the record stores and passed on them because I either thought the sale price was too high or I was skeptical about the material therein. The releases in question were the new albums from Geoff Tate’s version of Queensryche, Stratovarius, Avantasia, Amaranthe and Free Fall.  The Queensryche record has gotten terrible reviews so I was holding out for a used copy and I was actually shopping for the new Stratovarius online for the special ecition with three bonus tracks and those two were well stocked at the sale price. Also, I wasn’t in the mood for another concept record so I passed on Avantasia on sale and I really wanted to try out Amaranthe and Free Fall but those CDs were available at regular price. I finally caved in towards the end of the month and checked the prices on Ebay and Amazon and decided that the best value was to order through Amazon. I got all five CDs for $10 each ($50 total) with free shipping (I have Prime) and no sales tax, had I bought in the record store, with sale prices, the total would have been $68. So I actually saved $18 for the same exact items on Amazon vs. my favorite Newbury Comics…..that’s 1 or 2 CDs! If the Queensryche, Stratovarius and Avantasia albums were bought in store at their respective regular prices ($17 each regular price) then my total in store would have jumped to $80. And those figures in store don’t include state sales tax! The savings is obvious and I guess that’s why record stores are having a hard time competing. As a bonus for saving all that money, I also ordered a hard copy of the Ugly Kid Joe E.P. that I bought digitally back in 2012. The actual CD was $6 so it wasn’t a large add on.

Ebay was extremely lucrative in May. There were a few CDs I paid a little extra for and there were some good bargains. I had to have Poison’s cover of Justin Timberlake’s ‘Sexyback’ but I didn’t want the entire Poison’d covers album so I found the CD single for a cheap $4 + $3 shipping. As soon as that CD was taken off the want list, I focused on Shok Paris. I found a copy of Go For The Throat from a seller who was also selling a four CD lot of Arch Enemy CDs I needed so I went for both auctions and won for a grand total of $35. So I’m averaging $7 per CD on Ebay but the rest of the month was higher. I finished the Shok Paris discography (Steel & Starlight and Concrete Killers) for $11 each, grabbed the latest Trixter record from 2012 for a cheap $12 (replacing the promo download I was sent), the Waysted – Save Your Prayers 2013 reissue from Cherry Red Records and Jorn Lande’s Symphonic album for $11. I grabbed a CD copy of Torch – Electrikiss even though I already own the vinyl…..I’ve never seen a CD version so I grabbed it for $11 + $3 shipping and it’s in mint condition. The CD says Metal Blade for a label and I checked all Metal Blade releases through 2002 (through the anniversary box set) and didn’t see it listed. I think it was a Metal Blade Europe release and it’s a real silver pressed, factory made CD…..I’m still researching it. I had to have the new Airbourne album but I wanted the 2 disc special edition so that cost me a total of $22.50 and the seller who sold me the Arch Enemy lot had both Armored Saint CDs listed in one lot so I grabbed that for $18.50.

Total = $284

Total (year) = $1106.80

Average Price (per item) = $11.07

Total CDs (year) = 91

Total DVDs & BluRays (year) = 3

Total LPs (year) = 1

Total Box Sets (year) =5

WANTED: Bret Michaels – Ballads, Blues & Stories (2001)


Bret Michaels – Ballads, Blues & Stories (2001)

You might be wondering why I would put a Bret Michaels CD into this installment of WANTED! because I have crucified his last couple of records as being the repackaged shams they are instead of the true new studio albums they should be and were billed as. So why do I want BALLADS, BLUES & STORIES? Simple…’s rare, out of print and hard to find. Plus, it will complete my Bret solo discography and I am all about owning band’s entire catalog…’s a collector thing! There are ten songs on the album (1 new and 9 previously released on other Bret solo albums) but there’s an interview track before each song where Bret explains the songwriting process and the stories to go with the tunes. Basically, this CD is the same deal as the last two albums Bret released…..compilations of previously released material. I know, I know…..I’m falling into the trap again but it’s definitely cool to have a rare CD and one that no one I know actually has. I’ve never seen a physical copy in a record store but I have seen a few floating around on Ebay for the general price of about $20. This Bret disc isn’t at the top of the want list but I added it in to watch for if I find it on the cheap!

Bret Michaels – Custom Built (2010)

Bret Michaels – Custom Built (2010, Poor Boy Records)

  1. Riding Against the Wind
  2. Lie To Me
  3. Nothing To Lose (featuring Miley Cyrus)
  4. Wasted Time
  5. What I Got
  6. Every Rose Has It’s Thorn (Country version)*
  7. Go That Far (Club Mix)**
  8. Driven (Rock Mix)
  9. Open Road
  10. Rock’n My Country
  11. Nothing To Lose (Bret only demo)
  12. I’d Die For You

*(featuring Brad Arnold of 3 Doors Down, Chris Cagle, Mark Wills)
**(by Jason Miller of Godhead)

Full album credits located at

Producers: Bret Michaels & Pete Evick

Total Time = 42:45

Bret Michaels
Bret Michaels MySpace page

Here we go again! This is Round #2 of Bret Michaels’ reality television career and recording career combining to produce a new album!

Back in 2008, hot on the heels of the successful VH-1 reality series Rock Of Love, Bret Michaels released a “new” album titled ROCK MY WORLD. Unfortunately, ROCK MY WORLD wasn’t a new album but rather a collection of three new songs and nine previously released tracks from previous solo records. The album was advertised as a brand new album and it actually was, the problem was that the casual fan and buying public didn’t actually know that most of the songs were released three or five years previous. I was lucky to get an advance copy so I didn’t have to spend my hard earned cash but what about all the people who did? What about the diehard fans who already had Bret’s previous solo albums SONGS OF LIFE (2003) and FREEDOM OF SOUND (2005)? Now it’s two years later and Bret is about to debut a new VH-1 reality show, Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It, in the Fall and we get a new album, CUSTOM BUILT. Again we are told this is a brand new album but is it? Is it a new set of songs or is this album “custom built” like ROCK MY WORLD? The bad news is that Bret has followed the previous formula and released another CD just like ROCK MY WORLD but this time around we get four new songs, a cover song and only seven previously released songs but three of those previously released songs are actually different mixes! Get all that? Four new songs!

Let’s run down the tracklisting:

  • ‘Riding Against The Wind’ — This is the new theme song to Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It. Overall, it’s not a bad tune, it’s an upbeat Rock song that has a touch of the lighter side of Poison.
  • ‘Lie To Me’ — Another pretty good Rock song that is very gritty sounding and retains the trademark Poison sexual theme. I really like the guitar tone here, it makes the song heavier than it really is.
  • ‘Nothing To Lose’ — This is the much hyped duet with Disney Channel’s Miley Cyrus, better known as Hannah Montana. I went into this song with a ton of dread but it’s actually one of the best songs on the album! Cyrus’ contribution is basically background vocals and harmonies on this Country sounding ballad and, even though her singing is a little distracting, she actually adds something to the song. Bret does Country well, you can hear it in his Poison ballads from years past, so I don’t mind this song at all. I actually like it a lot!
  • ‘Wasted Time’ — Second ballad in a row and another trademark Bret Michaels ballad that sounds like Poison but with that Country tinge. I think it’s safe to say that Bret can write great ballads and both new ballads on CUSTOM BUILT outshine the two new Rock songs.

OK, those are the the new songs and so far the album is pretty good but let’s continue…..

  • ‘What I Got’ — A cover of the Sublime song from their 1996 self-titled third album. I actually like this song, at least I like the Sublime original, because it’s catchy. Bret’s version is a bit more Rocker than the Alternative/Ska/Pop mainstream hit. It’s a cover though and I could forgive it if the rest of the album was original material.
  • ‘Every Rose Has It’s Thorn’ (Country version) — It’s the Poison hit Country-fried…..which actually isn’t too far from the original. What’s most important here is that it was previously released on FREEDOM OF SOUND (2005)
  • ‘Go That Far’ (Club mix) — This is the Rock Of Love theme that was the lead song from ROCK MY WORLD…..the difference here is that this is a dance club mix. It’s terrible. I’ve only made it through the song once and I barely made it. Use the skip button for this one.
  • ‘Driven’ (Rock mix) – Originally released on FREEDOM OF SOUND (2005) and re-released on ROCK MY WORLD (2008) but this is the “Rock mix”…..unnecessary. The original is good though.
  • ‘Open Road’ — Great mid-tempo Country song from Bret but it’s already been released on FREEDOM OF SOUND (2005)…..if I ever get my hands on this album, ‘Open Road’ will be one of the top songs.
  • ‘Rock’n My Country’ — Another FREEDOM OF SOUND track. If Bret likes FREEDOM OF SOUND so much, why not keep it in print and get us to buy it? For the interested… uptempo Country Rock hybrid.
  • ‘Nothing To Lose’ (Bret demo) — This is the same exact song as before but without Miley Cyrus, still a solid song though. Why not make this a bonus track at the end and give us a legit original?
  • ‘I’d Die For You’ — Bret really reaches deep down to re-release a song from his debut solo album, A LETTER FROM DEATH ROW (1998). I have that album, I bought into the hype of Bret’s solo debut, movie debut and directorial debut…..oh yeah, there’s a film of the same name starring Bret and this is the soundtrack.

Bottom Line:
Tale of the Tape = 4 new songs, a cover tune, an alternate version of one of the originals, 4 songs from FREEDOM OF SOUND and 1 song from A LETTER FROM DEATH ROW. Can anyone say rip-off #2?

“Burn me once, shame on you. Burn me twice, shame on me.”

That’s exactly what Bret Michaels had done two albums in a row: let’s take a few new originals and re-release a lot of songs from previous albums. This time around Bret sees fit to shake it up and give us a cover and a couple different mixes of previous tunes. This was obviously carbon copy of ROCK MY WORLD, an album to promote a reality TV series catering to the casual fan and Poison diehards who need everything. How do people get away with this? This time around, I paid the hard-earned cash only to be duped…..imagine my disappointment finding out I paid for only four new songs out of twelve. Even the booklet is bad…..there is no booklet! If it wasn’t for a really awful album by another band in 2008, ROCK MY WORLD would have been my Worst Album of 2008… far CUSTOM BUILT is the leading candidate for 2010. Even the four good originals can’t hide my disappointment!

Favorite Songs:
I really like the first four brand new songs. The best of the four are the two ballads: ‘Nothing To Lose’ (with or without Miley Cyrus) and ‘Wasted Time’.

Def Leppard, Poison & Cheap Trick in concert at Comcast Center (Mansfield, MA) – 6/30/09

The summer concert season is in full swing but I haven’t been to a show since March! The good news is that I have tickets to a few shows coming up but the first on the list was the Def Leppard/Poison/Cheap Trick show last night at the Comcast Center (formerly Tweeter Center……formerly Great Woods) in Mansfield, Massachusetts. I got together with a couple of buddies from work and we bought tickets back in April so it was a planned day off of tailgating in the parking lot and good music in the arena.

Cheap Trick setlist (abbreviated):

Don’t Be Cruel
Dream Police
The Flame

Usually I’m in the arena and in my seat 30 mins before the show starts and I always catch all of the bands on the bill because that’s what I paid for. The guys I was with had no interest in seeing Cheap Trick, and the party in the parking lot was going strong, so we ended up getting in halfway through the band’s set. I got to hear ‘Dream Police’, always a fave of mine so I was happy. Cheap Trick had a great sound and a lot of fire to the performance. Does Robin Zander age? I ask this because he sounded the best out of all three singers performing.

Poison setlist:

Look What The Cat Dragged In
I Want Action
Ride The Wind
Fallen Angel
Something To Believe In
Your Mama Don’t Dance
Unskinny Bop
Every Rose Has It’s Thorn
Talk Dirty To Me
Nothin’ But A Good Time

I forgot the pen and pad in the car so I couldn’t write the setlist down as I usually do but these are the tunes they played and I’m almost positive this was the running order. First thing that has to be said, the sound was terrible and Bret Michaels acknowledged it. The mic kept screeching and he was barely audible during the first couple of songs. The sound got better as the show went on but you could tell that this wasn’t a gimmick and Bret was visibly annoyed by the technical problems. The band had a lot of energy and played well but the setlist needs to be mixed up a bit. I’ve seen Poison just about every summer since 1999 and they never really change things up.  I had read online that the opening night set in Camden, NJ featured ‘I Won’t Forget You’ instead of ‘Something To Believe In’ and an extra song ‘Stand’ but we didn’t get either in Mansfield. ‘Stand’ would have been awesome to hear live and I am sick to death of ‘Something To Believe In’ but what are you going to do? The only thing I would change would be the solos by C.C., Rikki, & Bobby…..when you’re an opener, you don’t do solos, you add in as many songs as possible. The crowd was huge into Poison, especially the ladies.

Def Leppard setlist:

Rock Rock Till You Drop
Too Late For Love
Nine Lives
Love Bites
Rock On
Two Steps Behind (acoustic)
Bringin’ On The Heartbreak (acoustic…..until the end)
Switch 625
Armageddon It
Pour Some Sugar On Me
Rock Of Ages
Let’s Get Rocked

I went to the show to see Def Leppard. I’ve been a fan of the band since HIGH ‘N DRY and I always go in with the hope that the band will pull out a few nuggets from the first two records. It was a PYROMANIA/HYSTERIA heavy set again with 10 songs out of 16 from those two albums…..the band knows where their success lies. Nice to see ‘Rock Rock Till You Drop’ added for the opener but I was disappointed that ‘Foolin’ was dropped from this year’s tour. The acoustic performances of ‘Two Steps Behind’ and ‘Bringin’ On The Heartbreak’ were solid and Joe Elliot sounded pretty good. I’ve been critical of Joe’s vocals the last couple of times I’ve seen the band live but he had a decent voice going this time around. Better than Bret Michaels but no where close to Robin Zander! I thought the band was strong live…..Rick Allen and Rick Savage are really tight and the guitar duo of Vivian Campbell and Phil Collen are a solid tag team. Everytime I see Def Lep play, I always come away impressed with Phil Collen’s playing, he is so smooth but technical. The cool thing was that there was a mini camera at the top on the nut so you could see Phil’s fingers flying up and down the frets with ease…..a cool way to see the solos. I enjoyed the Leps’ show but I was hoping for a little more variety in the setlist but they played their biggest hits and the crowd loved it…..including myself!

Next concert: Judas Priest & Whitesnake next Tuesday!

Current Playlist

I haven’t been posting but I have been listening…’s what’s been assaulting my ears the last couple of days…..

Primal Fear – 16.6 (Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead) (2009): I picked this up in the last couple of weeks but I didn’t get around to listening to it until this past weekend. There is some classic Primal Fear on 16.6 but there is also some more melodic songs like on the band’s last album, NEW RELIGION (2007). I definitely need some more spins with this.

Wolf – Ravenous (2009): This CD hasn’t left the stereo yet and it’s getting a daily spin or two. One of the best albums of the year.

Def Leppard – On Through The Night (1980): Great debut from a band that rocked big time when they were hungry for success…..and the Leps haven’t been hungry in a long time! The concert is Tuesday night so I’m reliving some old glories!

Def Leppard – High ‘N Dry (1981): I had this record BEFORE the reissue in 1984 when PYROMANIA was hitting the top of the charts. To this day, one of my favorite Def Lep songs is ‘Let It Go’ and I’m hoping to hear live again, last time was back in 2006.

Poison – Greatest Hits (1996): I like a taste of Poison now and then but not enough to get me to listen a lot. I already know the setlist the band is playing on tour…..all the predictable hits that are on this compilation. If I could have one song off this album it would be ‘So Tell Me Why’ from the studio tracks on SWALLOW THIS LIVE (1991).

Judas Priest – British Steel (1980): The show with Whitesnake is next week so I figured I’d give this a spin seeing they are playing the whole thing live. Looking forward to hearing the band tear up ‘Rapid Fire’ and ‘Grinder’.

The 5 Worst Albums of 2008

2008 was another banner year for new albums, bands from all different genres of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal released good albums this year and I was on the frontlines buying them up as they came out. There were definitely some bad ones too and I picked up a few of them over the course of the year also. Some releases were just plain bad, some were huge disappointments, some I just couldn’t stand… here is my list of The 5 Worst Albums of 2008:


engelabsolutedesignEngel – Absolute Design

An easy choice for 2008’s worst album. This was supposed to be a combination of Industrial and Melodic Death Metal and all that came out of it was a Nu-Metal sound. Once I heard the trendy down-tuned guitars, the synth and the samples I knew I wouldn’t like it. Think Ozzfest bands like Linkin Park, Papa Roach & Korn minus the raps…..plain awful!


bretmichaelsrockmyworldBret Michaels – Rock My World

This is not a “real” new album. Of the 12 tracks, only three were brand new songs, the rest came from previous Bret solo records. So why does it get inclusion here if it’s not a “real” album? That’s how it was advertised to the fans: a brand new album of new material! I’ll go officially on record saying that I like Poison, and I like Bret Michaels as a frontman, but to fleece the fans with false advertising can’t be forgiven. At least Gene Simmons tells us that he’s fleecing us! Musically, I can only take so much sad sack ‘Something To Believe In’ and ‘Unskinny Bop’ rehashing. If Bret went straight up Country he would be more credible.


Don Dokken - Solitary (2008)Don Dokken – Solitary

The last time Don Dokken released a solo album we got the very good UP FROM THE ASHES (1990). On the eve of a new album by his main band, Dokken, Don decided to release this new solo record at his live solo shows and through his personal website. When you see the name Don Dokken on a CD, you know to expect melodic Hard Rock, this time around a nine song acoustic album that follows the “lost love” and “personal pain” themes. In all honesty, it’s a decent acoustic album. I placed it here for the sheer disappointment with the entire project, definitely not Don Dokken’s best work.


Asia - Phoenix (2008)Asia – Phoenix

The Asia of the early ’80s had big hits with ‘Heat Of The Moment’, ‘Don’t Cry’ and ‘Only Time Will Tell’ because of their uptempo melodic hooks that made each song infectious. The opening track ‘Never Enough’ follows the same path but the band must have thought that was enough because every other song is either a ballad, mid-tempo, or a lengthy progressive number. The musicianship is great but there is no guitar…..well, it’s there somewhere. What could have been a huge Melodic Rock record ended up being a bore.


queen_the_cosmos_rocks_album_coverQueen + Paul Rodgers – The Cosmos Rocks 

This is the first Queen album WITHOUT Freddie Mercury (R.I.P.). That should say it all. I understand that musicians need to play live and stay creative but sometimes releasing an album of new material isn’t the way to go. I saw the Queen + Paul Rodgers tour, it was phenomenal! Rodgers did his best to interpret and celebrate the Queen catalog and it worked… The music on THE COSMOS ROCKS sounds forced, as if Roger Taylor and Brian May tried too hard to create the Queen sound. Or maybe they don’t know any better! An album that shouldn’t have been released, leave the Queen legacy alone. The only winner here was John Deacon.

Joe Elliot (Def Leppard) vs. Bret Michaels (Poison) – Battle of the Sweden Rocks Festival 2008 press conferences, video available

If you’ve been living under a rock, the Sweden Rock Festival 2008 took place this past June 4th through June 7th. The annual festival, in it’s 17th year, had an awesome lineup with many Hard Rock and Heavy Metal heavyweights. Two of the bigger name bands, Def Leppard and Poison, have stirred up a little controversy. Joe Elliott and Phil Collen had their press conference where Joe elaborated on the difference between ’70s British glam acts, Def Leppard and L.A. Glam bands Motley Crue & Poison. Basically, Joe stated that the L.A. bands cared more about their image than the music and didn’t compare to Def Leppard…..Phil kept quiet.

Of course, the next day at his presser, a reporter asked Bret Michaels to comment on Joe Elliot’s comments the previous day. Watch the video…..

‘Sweden Rocks Festival 2008 – Joe Elliot press conference & Bret Michaels answer’

Round 1 to Bret Michaels!

All-time top posts at Heavy Metal Addiction

When I started this blog back in January 2006, all I wanted to do was talk about albums in my music collection and pass along some Metal memories. Two and a half years later, close to 460,000 people have stopped by to read my album reviews, get some Metal news, and join me out on the Hunt for more music. I thank everyone for stopping by!

One of the things I get asked often is: “What is your most popular post?”.

Today I’m going to list the Top 5 posts and the Top 6 album reviews (with the publish date and stats) at Heavy Metal Addiction from day 1 to right now with a little commentary.

Top 5 Posts at Heavy Metal Addiction

  1. Poison members involved in onstage fight – breakup? – (8/27/06 — 23,732 views)
  2. Journey (with Arnel Pineda) – Festival Vina Del Mar 2008 complete set from Chile (video, 2/21/08) – (2/23/08 — 20,573 views)
  3. First official band picture of the new Journey with Arnel Pineda – (1/8/08 — 19,768 views)
  4. Press Release: Arnel Pineda is the new Journey singer! – (12/6/07 — 12,064 views)
  5. Gene Simmons facelift post-op picture – (4/2/07 — 10,576 views)

The Poison fight post has been the top dog for a long time, the day I posted it I ended up with the best single day ever with close to 17,000 hits! Before that, I think my best day was couple hundred readers. The Poison video is going to get taken out by Journey with their new singer Arnel Pineda. Like them or not, Journey has always been a worldwide band and with Filipino Arnel on the mic, they are now more than ever. If I were to expand this list to the Top 20, there would be four more Journey related posts! A lot of people are getting a chance to see/hear the new Journey from the full video of the Festival Del Mar 2008 in Chile and the two press releases. Personally, I like the fact that Gene Simmons is at #5 not just because my favorite band is KISS but because look at that train wreck! Like I said in the post, too bad they didn’t fix his vocal chords while they were at it!

Top 6 Albums Reviews at Heavy Metal Addiction

  1. Quiet Riot – Metal Health (1983) – (1/21/07 — 10,014 views)
  2. Ozzy Osbourne – Black Rain (2007) – (6/1/07 — 8904 views)
  3. Iron Maiden – A Matter Of Life And Death (2006) – (9/13/06 — 7439 views)
  4. Black Sabbath – Forbidden (1995) – (12/19/06 — 6279 views)
  5. Legs Diamond – Town Bad Girl (1990) – (2/22/07 — 5132 views)
  6. Lita Ford – Out For Blood (1983) – (1/12/07 — 5048 views)

Quiet Riot makes the top spot unfortunately due to the news of Kevin DuBrow’s passing. Unfortunately, the hits for this post picked up when Kevin died…..RIP Kevin. No surprise that Ozzy’s last record made the list because the guy is just popular with all Metal fans. BLACK RAIN made my 5 Worst of 2007 list at #4 and I have had a ton of email pointing out what an idiot I am for calling it a subpar effort. Another no brainer was Iron Maiden’s last album making the list, this album review seems to get a fair amount of hits every week.

The next three surprise me because they are in my Top Posts list everyday. Of all the Tony Martin era posts I did, FORBIDDEN gets a ton of hits everyday. I consider FORBIDDEN the weakest effort of that Sabbath era but people are searching and reading about it. Legs Diamond and Lita Ford are duelling for the #5 spot, that’s why I post six on the list. Everyday I see both of these reviews getting a ton of views, both are definitely “cult” albums but I didn’t think they would get that much attention, especially the Legs Diamond review.

So there you have it, some of the top posts… click the links and check’em out!

Bret Michaels – Rock My World (2008)

Bret Michaels – Rock My World (2008, VH-1 Classic Records)

  1. Go That Far
  2. Driven
  3. Fallen
  4. Raine
  5. Bittersweet
  6. Start Again
  7. Songs Of Life
  8. Strange Sensation
  9. All I Ever Needed
  10. Menace To Society
  11. Right Now, Right Here
  12. It’s My Party (2008 mix)

Featured Musicians: Bret Michaels and studio musicians (see booklet for details, there are a ton!)

Producer: Bret Michaels

Total Time = 39:07

Bret Michaels official website
Bret Michaels MySpace page
VH-1 Classic

So what’s that old saying? “Strike while the iron is hot.”

That’s exactly what Poison frontman Bret Michaels has done. Hot on the heels of his successful television career with VH-1’s Rock Of Love & Rock Of Love 2, Bret has released a new solo album…..ROCK MY WORLD. My first impression of ROCK MY WORLD was that it would be a record full of new material but that’s not the case. In a move that screams “cashing in”, Bret has released an album of three new songs and nine previously released songs from previously released albums. Did everyone get that? Three songs are new, that’s it!

Let me run down that tracklisting:

  • ‘Go That Far’ – new song that sounds like a cheap attempt to publicize his TV shows with childish lyrics.
  • ‘Driven’ – originally released on FREEDOM OF SOUND (2005), this is a song about Bret sexing up a chick with more juvenile lyrics.
  • ‘Fallen’ – ballad about looking for love with acoustic guitars and piano
  • ‘Raine’ – song inspired by his daughter of same name, originally released on SONGS OF LIFE (2003), not a bad song.
  • ‘Bittersweet’ – another off SONGS OF LIFE and has to be the worst song Bret has ever released, or at least in a tie with ‘Unskinny Bop’. Sounds like bad Blink 182 or Bowling For Soup with a terrible lyric about how his chick “sucked in the sack”.
  • ‘Start Again’ – new song that was on a Rock Of Love 2 episode. It sounds like a good Poison ballad.
  • ‘Songs Of Life’ – guess which album this came from! Sounds like a Poison outtake from FLESH & BLOOD (1990), he uses a couple song titles from the album in the lyrics.
  • ‘Strange Sensation’ – another one from SONGS OF LIFE that’s trying too hard to be contemporary with the muddy sound and terrible vocals. Only thing going for it is the drum sound.
  • ‘All I Ever Needed’ – Bret doing Country music with Jessica Andrews on vocals. It’s actually not that bad but it was released 3 years ago on FREEDOM OF SOUND so it’s not an original.
  • ‘Menace To Society’ – 5th song from SONGS OF LIFE! It’s a rocker but not a good one! Another attempt at being modern and rebellious.
  • ‘Right Now, Right Here’ – a heavier tune with decent guitar but it’s too little too late. Very late actually because this is from FREEDOM OF SOUND
  • ‘It’s My Party’ (2008 mix) – OK, so this is a new recording of a song from SONGS OF LIFE so maybe it counts as a new track? Nope, because it doesn’t stray too much from the original.

Bottom Line:
Tale of the Tape = 3 new songs, 3 songs off FREEDOM OF SOUND, 6 songs from SONGS OF LIFE…..can anyone say “Rip-off”?

I pride myself on the fact that I have never actually seen any episodes of either season of Rock Of Love. I actually feel bad for the people who think it’s good television, how does crap like that get on television anyway? The question could also be asked of ROCK MY WORLD. Bret should be ashamed of himself for releasing what is basically a collection of previously material with three new nuggets for fans to chew on. It’s obvious that this was released to cater to the casual fan, fans of the Rock Of Love series, or Poison diehards that need the three new songs. For me, this was a waste of time.

Favorite songs: Of the three new songs, I liked ‘Start Again’ but I wouldn’t call it a favorite.