The 5 Worst Albums of 2008

2008 was another banner year for new albums, bands from all different genres of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal released good albums this year and I was on the frontlines buying them up as they came out. There were definitely some bad ones too and I picked up a few of them over the course of the year also. Some releases were just plain bad, some were huge disappointments, some I just couldn’t stand… here is my list of The 5 Worst Albums of 2008:


engelabsolutedesignEngel – Absolute Design

An easy choice for 2008’s worst album. This was supposed to be a combination of Industrial and Melodic Death Metal and all that came out of it was a Nu-Metal sound. Once I heard the trendy down-tuned guitars, the synth and the samples I knew I wouldn’t like it. Think Ozzfest bands like Linkin Park, Papa Roach & Korn minus the raps…..plain awful!


bretmichaelsrockmyworldBret Michaels – Rock My World

This is not a “real” new album. Of the 12 tracks, only three were brand new songs, the rest came from previous Bret solo records. So why does it get inclusion here if it’s not a “real” album? That’s how it was advertised to the fans: a brand new album of new material! I’ll go officially on record saying that I like Poison, and I like Bret Michaels as a frontman, but to fleece the fans with false advertising can’t be forgiven. At least Gene Simmons tells us that he’s fleecing us! Musically, I can only take so much sad sack ‘Something To Believe In’ and ‘Unskinny Bop’ rehashing. If Bret went straight up Country he would be more credible.


Don Dokken - Solitary (2008)Don Dokken – Solitary

The last time Don Dokken released a solo album we got the very good UP FROM THE ASHES (1990). On the eve of a new album by his main band, Dokken, Don decided to release this new solo record at his live solo shows and through his personal website. When you see the name Don Dokken on a CD, you know to expect melodic Hard Rock, this time around a nine song acoustic album that follows the “lost love” and “personal pain” themes. In all honesty, it’s a decent acoustic album. I placed it here for the sheer disappointment with the entire project, definitely not Don Dokken’s best work.


Asia - Phoenix (2008)Asia – Phoenix

The Asia of the early ’80s had big hits with ‘Heat Of The Moment’, ‘Don’t Cry’ and ‘Only Time Will Tell’ because of their uptempo melodic hooks that made each song infectious. The opening track ‘Never Enough’ follows the same path but the band must have thought that was enough because every other song is either a ballad, mid-tempo, or a lengthy progressive number. The musicianship is great but there is no guitar…..well, it’s there somewhere. What could have been a huge Melodic Rock record ended up being a bore.


queen_the_cosmos_rocks_album_coverQueen + Paul Rodgers – The Cosmos Rocks 

This is the first Queen album WITHOUT Freddie Mercury (R.I.P.). That should say it all. I understand that musicians need to play live and stay creative but sometimes releasing an album of new material isn’t the way to go. I saw the Queen + Paul Rodgers tour, it was phenomenal! Rodgers did his best to interpret and celebrate the Queen catalog and it worked… The music on THE COSMOS ROCKS sounds forced, as if Roger Taylor and Brian May tried too hard to create the Queen sound. Or maybe they don’t know any better! An album that shouldn’t have been released, leave the Queen legacy alone. The only winner here was John Deacon.

New Release Sunday – Chinese Democracy & The Cosmos Rocks

Today is the big day! Guns N’ Roses finally released the long awaited CHINESE DEMOCRACY album! It’s been 17 years since the band has released new material (I’m not counting 1993’s THE SPAGHETTI INCIDENT) and at least 13+ years since Axl Rose started talking about a new GnR record. It’s finally here and I went out to Best Buy to get it…..

gnrchinesedemocracyGuns N’ Roses – Chinese Democracy (2008) – $12: Chinese Democracy is a Best Buy exclusive so I really didn’t have a choice on where to go and pick it up. Good news is that the album was on sale and that there were very prominent cardboard displays for the CD and vinyl. There were more than a few people waiting at the Best Buy door when it opened and almost everyone went straight for the CD section. I’d say there were about 20 of us there at 9am for the new album and many people bought both the CD and the vinyl. Good to see some young kids in there buying it too.

queen_the_cosmos_rocks_album_coverQueen & Paul Rodgers – The Cosmos Rocks (2008) – $14: When I got my copy of the new GnR, I decided to see if there were any bargains. Nothing is worse than looking through a Best Buy music section because there is no variety but the vinyl edition of the new Queen & Paul Rodgers album caught my eye. I totally forgot about this record when it came out in mid-October so I snatched this one up also! The concert I saw in March 2006 was a really great show and I’ve been a Queen fan since I was a kid so I took a chance.

More info on new album by Queen + Paul Rodgers — The Cosmos Rocks including the tracklisting, release dates, and live video footage of the new single ‘C-lebrity’

Back at the beginning of the month, I posted some info on the upcoming new album by Queen + Paul Rodgers titled THE COSMOS ROCKS.

Here is more information from Bravewords:

As previously reported, the first new recording by QUEEN since the posthumous Made In Heaven with FREDDIE MERCURY will be released in September. Entitled The Cosmos Rocks by QUEEN + PAUL RODGERS, the album has been scheduled for release on September 15th in Europe and October 14th in the USA.

The tracklist of The Cosmos Rocks is as follows: ‘Cosmos Rockin”, ‘Time To Shine’, ‘Still Burnin”, ‘Small’, ‘Warboys’, ‘We Believe’, ‘Call Me’, ‘Voodoo’, ‘Some Things That Glitter’, ‘C-lebrity’, ‘Through The Night’, ‘Say It’s Not True’, ‘Surf’s Up . . . School’s Out!’, ‘Small (reprise)’.

The first single, ‘C-lebrity’, will be officiall released on September 8th. Live performance footage of the song can be viewed below.

A special edition version of the album feturing a bonus DVD will also be available. It will feature Queen = Paul Rodgers live in concert at Saitama Super Arena in Tokyo, Japan on October 2th, 2005. The DVD tracklist is as follows: ‘Reaching Out’, ‘Tie Your Mother Down’, ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’, ‘Another One Bites The Dust’, ‘Fire And Water’, ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’, ‘Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together)’, ‘These Are The Days Of Our Lives’, ‘Radio Ga Ga’, ‘Can’t Get Enough’, ‘I Was Born To Love You’, ‘All Right Now’, ‘We Will Rock You’, ‘We Are The Champions’, ‘God Save The Queen’.


Queen + Paul Rodgers to release new album, The Cosmos Rocks, starting in September


The first new recording by Queen since the posthumous MADE IN HEAVEN (1995) with Freddie Mercury will be released in September. THE COSMOS ROCKS by Queen + Paul Rodgers has been scheduled for release on September 15th in Europe and October 14th in the USA. The album will feature ex-Free/Bad Company singer Paul Rodgers on vocals.

Tracks so far confirmed for the album include: ‘Say It’s Not True’, ‘C-lebrity’, ‘We Believe’, ‘Call Me’, ‘Whole House Rocking’ and the title track.

Queen + Paul Rodgers is reported to have also recorded a cover of DEL SHANNON’s ‘Runaway’ for the album. The band will start a 14-nation European tour in Russia in September.