Audio problem on Stay Hungry reissue, Twisted Sister comments on situation and Rhino Records will send replacement discs


Stay Hungry 25th promo pic

TWISTED SISTER have posted the following message:

“On the evening of July 2nd, we learned the entire inventory of Disc 1 of Twisted Sister’s Stay Hungry 25th Anniversary set has an audio problem. We had originally been told it was limited to a few thousand and had posted a message to our fans immediately as to how to exchange for a replacement CD.

Rhino Records will replace Disc One from the set you purchased. Beginning Monday morning, July 6th, 10 AM Pacific Time, please email Dr. Rhino ( with “Twisted Sister” as the subject line. You will receive an email back with this message:

Dear Twisted Sister Fan,

Thank you for your email and we apologize for the poor sound on disc one of the Stay Hungry reissue. We currently have corrected replacement discs available. Please reply to this message with your name, shipping address and a digital photo of your disc and/or packaging. If available, please include your receipt in the photo.

Upon receipt of your email, we will send you a replacement disc as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Dr. Rhino

PLEASE NOTE: because each email will be answered individually, until the holiday weekend is over, you will get a message that says this: “Dr. Rhino is currently out of the office and will return on Monday, July 6th. Happy 4th of July!”

We have also been told that iTunes purchasers may also experience audio difficulties, again, on Disc 1 only. Please email Dr. Rhino for further instructions for credit exchange by putting Twisted Sister iTunes in the subject line.

If you are limited in your technology and cannot send through a scan/snapshot from your phone, camera, etc. of your CD cover and/or receipt, please be prepared to mail a xerox copy of your receipt to Rhino. Again, as each exchange will be handled personally by a Rhino employee, each request will be dealt with personally. Your replacement disc, in a plain slip sleeve will be mailed to you ASAP.

A personal message from Jay Jay: “Twisted Sister fans are among the most dedicated fans in the world. Everything we have ever done has been focused on giving to you, our fans, the highest levels of concert experiences and recorded product. We go to great lengths to produce CDs and DVDs with the sole intent of making our fans happy and proud to say that they are part of the Twisted Sister family.

We spent a full year (and 24 previous years) working towards our Stay Hungry reissue. Our goal was to create a truly special event with fan ownership of this package.

To say that the band is upset and disappointed would be the understatement of the year. Please know that we are working through the weekend with Rhino to address this problem.

Ending on a positive Twisted note, please enjoy your holiday weekend. For you overseas fans, simply enjoy your weekend.

Before you leave your computer today, we hope that you’ll click and enjoy our new video for the song, ’30’, as much as we enjoyed making it.

Our dedication to you and your continued support of Twisted Sister continue to be our only focus.

Jay Jay French.”


I bought the set last Tuesday and my Disc 1 has the audio problem, I will be emailing Dr. Rhino later this afternoon.

— Steve

New Release Tuesday: Twisted Sister – Stay Hungry 25th Anniversary

Twisted Sister - Stay Hungry (1984)Twisted Sister – Stay Hungry (25th Anniversary Edition) (2009) – $15: There is a Twisted Sister renaissance going on in my house over the last year when my oldest daughter (10 years old) got seriously into the band. She’s the only 10 yr old I know that can recite all of STAY HUNGRY (with or without music) and LOVE IS FOR SUCKERS (1987) on cue! So the big 2 CD reissue of STAY HUNGRY is a big deal in my house, especially since I have 2 awesome seats to the concert in Plymouth, MA in September… for me and one for her! Off to the record store Tuesday morning to snag my copy at the $15 sale price but there was an added bonus…..a live DVD: Twisted Sister – 1984 Uncut Live at San Bernadino, CA. Now I’m not sure if the DVD is just a bonus thing but I hadn’t heard about it with all the press releases, I found out from the weekly email from Newbury Comics. So I buy my album, drive home, pull in the driveway and I am assaulted by a 10 yr old girl dressed in a KISS tour shirt (one of mine!) and jeans with a studded belt screaming that she needs to hear the band’s new song ’30’. I haven’t seen the CD since…..