CD Scavenger Hunt – Ebay Edition 1/23/08

Helix - The Early Years (1991)Helix – The Early Years (1991) – $19: This was a reissue of Helix’s first two albums, Breaking Loose (1979) & White Lace And Black Leather (1982), all in one package. I wanted to buy these from Brian Vollmer himself at Planet Helix but they are sold out. I’m on a major Helix kick since I picked up the new album a couple weeks ago and I didn’t want to wait. I’m on a quest to finish my Helix collection.

Surgeon - The Sign Of Ending Grace (1991)Surgeon – The Sign Of Ending Grace (1991) – $8: Don’t ask me to explain why I wanted this obscure piece of German Metal but I wanted it badly. I think I read an article years ago on forgotten German Metal bands and I had it in my head to track this down. Sometimes I get focused on an album and do everyting I can to track it down. I lost an auction for this CD a couple of months ago so this shot to the top of the list and I haven’t heard any of the music!

Q5 - When The Mirror Cracks (1986)Q5 – When The Mirror Cracks (1986) – $9: This is the reissue on High Vaultage from 2000. This purchase was made because I wanted to complete my Q5 collection and it’s another CD off my High Vaultage list…..I’m trying to collect everything they’ve released because they are excellent reissues with bonus tracks. If you’ve heard the first Q5 record, Steel The Light (1984), you’ll like this record.

Total = $36