The Donnas – Bitchin’ (2007)

The Donnas - Bitchin’ (2007)

The Donnas – Bitchin’ (2007, Purple Feather Records/Redeye)

  1. Bitchin’
  2. Don’t Wait Up For Me
  3. Wasted
  4. What Do I Have To Do
  5. Save Me
  6. Like An Animal
  7. Here For The Party
  8. Better Off Dancing
  9. Love You Till It Hurts
  10. Smoke You Out
  11. Girl Talk
  12. Give Me What I Want
  13. Tonight’s Alright
  14. When The Show Is Over

The Donnas 2007 

Band Lineup:
Brett Anderson – Lead Vocals
Torry Castellano – Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals
Maya Ford – Bass, Backing Vocals
Allison Robertson – Guitars, Backing Vocals

Produced by: Jay Ruston & The Donnas

Total Time = 44:47

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I’ve never actually taken the time to listen to a Donnas album but I have heard a few songs over the last few years. My first exposure to The Donnas was their cover of the Ace Frehley classic, ‘Speedin’ Back To My Baby’ (1998) and their version of ‘Strutter’ for the Detroit Rock City movie (1999). I’m not a big Punk fan but I thought the covers were good. I never really got around to checking out a full album until now…..

I picked this CD up on the recommendation from a friend but what really did it for me was the ’80s Hard rock cover art. To this day, I still get suckered in by a good album cover, sometimes to my displeasure! I’ve been spinning BITCHIN’ for a few weeks now and what I like is the blend of Punk, Hard Rock, and Glam. It’s like taking Joan Jett, The Runaways, AC/DC, The Go-Gos, NWOBHM, and the ’80s L.A. sound and combining it into a unique sound. The gimmick of being a girl punk band all named “Donna” is gone and the band really steps up to blow the listener away.

The first song, ‘Bitchin’, has an intro that is straight out of the NWOBHM from the early ’80s. ‘Save Me’ has a KISS-like guitar tone and a catchy hook. ‘Love You Till It Hurts’ has a creepy, sleazy feel to it like it came from the gutter and is stalking you. I could go through every song on the album and point out the influences but what you really need to know is that this is solid Rock ‘n Roll music full of catchy lyrics and good melody. The record has a big sound, very rich, and the band really plays well. A lot of harmonies here and some impressive guitar playing.

Bottom Line:
I’m impressed. I took the Donnas for a gimmick Punk band but these women can Rock with the best of them. There is still a Punk vibe but it’s blended in with enough Hard Rock, Glam, and Pop to create something fresh AND a nod to the old school ’80s Rock. I’ve giving it a lot of spins and I haven’t grown tired of it. Favorite songs here: ‘Bitchin’, ‘Don’t Wait Up For Me’, ‘Save Me’, ‘Love You Till It Hurts’.