Twisted Sister w/Chain Drive, Woodland Creatures & View Of A Burning City in concert at the Plymouth Memorial Hall (Plymouth, MA) – 11/6/09

Twisted Sister - 11-6-09

Twisted Fucking Sister!!!

Last night I took my daughter to Plymouth, MA to see her favorite band, and one of mine from back in the day…..Twisted Sister. I found out about the concert back in May and bought the tickets immeadiately because Twisted Sister really doesn’t play that many gigs each year. The show was originally scheduled for September 12 but a postponement due to injury brought us to last night at the Plymouth Memorial Hall.

There were three local opening bands before the main event: Chain Drive, Woodland Creatures and View Of A Burning City. I knew nothing about any of the openers but I kind of figured that they would all be Rock bands. Chain Drive was the first band to play and they were pretty good…..melodic Hard Rock played with a lot of energy and obvious talent. I was so impressed by their set that I meant to go to their merch table and pick up a CD if they had them…..unfortunately, I left right after Twisted Sister so I never got a CD. Good solid Hard Rock though, I can’t say enough about them. I noticed a DJ turntable onstage when we made it to our seats initially so I was a little worried that one of the bands was Rap-Rock or Nu-Metal and I was right. Woodland Creatures was like a bad Linkin Park/Papa Roach/Limp Bizkit imitation. I don’t like Rap-Metal so I didn’t care for any of the Rap music these guys pulled off. The shining moment of their set was when my section jointly gave them the finger…..the band was completely out of it’s element. Last band was View Of A Burning City and they were one of those screaming Hardcore/Metal bands that you couldn’t understand at all. They had the craziest bassist, who played in his black socks, that always looked like he was going to fall over! At least they were Metal of some sort and I did pick up their CD & T-shirt combo for $5…..yes, I said $5! Of all the openers the clear winner was Chain Drive.

Twisted Sister setlist:

Stay Hungry
We’re Not Gonna Take It
Burn In Hell
Horror-terria (The Beginning):
a) Captain Howdy
b) Street Justice
I Wanna Rock
The Price
Don’t Let Me Down
The Beast (w/drum solo)

Come Out And Play
Under The Blade
You Can’t Stop Rock ‘n’ Roll

Twisted Sister is celebrating the 25th Anniversary of STAY HUNGRY and they are doing what bands like Judas Priest and Motley Crue are doing by playing their iconic album in it’s entirety. What a show to see! Dee Snider said that, after this show in Plymouth, some of these songs would never be played again so it was a great performance to see. My daughter’s favorite album is STAY HUNGRY, and she knows it word for word, so singing along with Dee and my daughter was pretty cool. I forgot a few of the words but my daughter put on a flawless performance! So did the band! Twisted Sister ripped through all 10 songs off the album as if they were playing them back in 1984. The whole album was a highlight for me but finally hearing ‘Burn In Hell’, ‘The Price’ and ‘Stay Hungry’ live along with the Hard Rock anthems ‘I Wanna Rock’, ‘S.M.F.’ and ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ was mind blowing. Of course the band had the audience in the palm of their hands, there was a ton of energy coming from the audience. There were families, diehard SMFs, Metal fans, Goth rockers, Rappers and people that looked like they were out for dinner and a movie…..all these people were raising their fists and shouting “I wanna rock!” at the tops of their lungs.

The band left the stage after they finished the STAY HUNGRY seet but came back quickly for an awesome encore of three album title tracks and their new song ’30’ (off the new STAY HUNGRY 25th Anniversary reissue), that Dee said had never been played live before. Very cool! My daughter was on edge when she knew Twisted Sister had a new song so she made sure I bought my STAY HUNGRY reissue and burned it into her iPod…..she knew the song better than anyone else besides Dee himself! I knew they would play ‘You Can’t Stop Rock ‘n’ Roll’ for the final song but it was a treat to get ‘Come Out And Play’ and ‘Under The Blade’. My daughter and I had our hopes up for some other classics like ‘Bad Boys (of Rock ‘n’ Roll)’ and ‘Destroyer’ from UNDER THE BLADE (1982) and ‘Be Chrool To Your Scuel’ from COME OUT AND PLAY (1985) but the band played a short set (14 songs) but a powerful one. I can’t complain about the set at all because it was like travelling back in time for me and it was a dream come true for my daughter. I left the arena last night with a new respect for a things Twisted Sister and became a bigger fan than I already was. If anyone has the chance to catch any of their shows, go for it! It may sound like I’m gushing about the show but it was seriously that great, probably one of the best shows I’ve seen in the last 10 years!